The 4D Research Lab (4DRL) serves scholars who conduct research into the material past in the faculty of Humanities at the University of Amsterdam. It provides a wide range of computing facilities, 3D scanners, and 3D modeling programmes, as well as technical expertise to assist researchers. Besides the use of 3D visualization as research tool, the 4D Research Lab can produce 3D models for presentation of research, either in professional contexts such as academic articles, or visualization for more general purposes. The 4D lab can also assist in the development of virtual and augmented reality apps used for the interactive exploration of the material past. Whether for dissemination to the general public, or for use within academic circles, all of the work is well-documented and scientifically rigorous.

Being based in an academic institute, the 4D lab has an important educational component. The team supervises student projects and teaches 3D recording and modelling techniques.

Dr. Patricia Lulof

Professor of Archaeology at UvA

4D Research Lab Director

Jitte Waagen

Digital Archaeologist at UvA

4D Research Lab Coordinator

Tijm Lanjouw

Digital Archaeologist at UvA

4D Research Lab 3D Technician