The success of the infrastructure will be ensured by the establishment of four governing bodies: 

  • Coordinating Office (CO) 

    Consists of the PIs and the hired staff. It supports the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC), Representative Council (RC), and Advisory Board (AB) via coordination and monitoring. It facilitates/documents meetings and organises outreach activities. It ensures that decisions align with project goals. 

  • Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) 

    Consists of the PIs, representatives from CLARIAH/DANS, and a project partner (UvA). It provides technical leadership and direction and ensures that the infrastructure complies with requirements of the participating infrastructures and stakeholders. It meets on a bi-weekly basis. 

  • Representative Council (RC) 

    Consists of pilot-project leaders. It contributes to decision making and the establishment of user requirements. It takes part in bi-monthly meetings for efficient two-way flow of ideas, information, and decisions. 

  • Advisory Board (AB) 

    Oversees the infrastructure’s progress. It will highlight areas for greater cooperation in resources and functions, and will recommend new avenues to explore. It meets quarterly.