PURE3D Technical Report

The PURE3D Technical Report is meant to provide a high-level state of the art summary on 3D scholarly web infrastructures. Within the report you will find a brief environment scan of 3D issues, limitations, challenges, and recommendations based on a review of the scholarly literature, 3D file formats capabilities, 3D web platforms/frameworks and repositories systems. Following the environment scan is a summary of the user engagement activities that have been conducted thus far by the PURE3D team, namely introductory pilot partner interviews and a survey on user needs and requirements for 3D Web Infrastructures. The report concludes with a list of guidelines and recommendations for the entity model and architecture of the PURE3D Infrastructure as well as next steps for the project.

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To Cite: Fung, N., Schoueri, K., Scheibler, C., Papadopoulos, C. & Schreibman, S. (2021). PURE3D Technical Report. Retrieved from: https://pure3d.eu/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/Pure3D_Technical-Report.pdf