As part of the Computer Graphics International (CGI 2022) conference, a Workshop on Digital Cultural Heritage was organised to further discuss the outcomes of previous EU-funded initiatives on digital heritage – with a specific focus on 3D, also drawing on important policy and research developments which have occurred meanwhile, including:

  1. The publication of the EU H2020 ViMMuseum ManifestoRoadmap and Action Plan (#ViMMuseum_Manifesto, #ViMMuseum_ActionPlan, #ViMMuseum),
  2. The Declaration of Cooperation on advancing digitisation of cultural heritage signed by EU Member States at the EU Digital Day 2019 (#DigitalDay2019),
  3. The Basic principles and tips for 3D digitisation of cultural heritage compiled by Expert Group on Digital Cultural Heritage and Europeana (#EU_Study_3D_CH, #DCHE_Group),
  4. The recent publication of the exceptional results of the EU-Study on Quality in 3D digitisation of tangible Cultural Heritage (VIGIE2020/654),
  5. How digital will help us preserve our cultural heritage?

In this workshop, Costas Papadopoulos delivered the presentation ‘Heritage Through the Looking Glass Developing an Infrastructure for 3D Scholarship’  to discuss the theoretical and methodological premises that need to be considered when developing a framework for 3D, as well as the challenges that the creation of a 3D infrastructures can pose.