Voyager Story Prototype in PURE3D

25 Northumberland Road

This is an example of how the PURE3D project is implementing Smithsonian Voyager Story into the infrastructure being developed. The example comes from Contested Memories: The Battle of Mount Street Bridge project, which is one of the partner projects of the PURE3D project. Voyager Story, developed by the Smithsonian Institution, provides a flexible framework and intuitive editing environment for multiple types of digital content, as well as the modalities of designing engagement between the model and the accompanying narrative.

The Battle of Mount Street Bridge takes place against the backdrop of the Easter Rising which took place in Ireland beginning on Monday 24 April 1916. That day, a group of some 1,200 Irish men and women seized control of key buildings in Dublin and set the city into a state of unrest. British troops, fresh from their training and intended for deployment into Europe during WWI, were sent to quell the insurrection on Wednesday 26 April, but were met with resistance as they attempted to cross Mount Street Bridge on their way to Trinity College Dublin in the city centre. This resistance was due to a small number of volunteers stationed in buildings along Northumberland Road and across the Grand Canal at Mount Street Bridge. The first building at which the British troops encountered resistance was 25 Northumberland Road.

Explore the model and accompanying multimodal annotation through the viewer below. Our intention is to create a story around each of the most important buildings of the battle, highlighting key participants through documentary sources and their own words and recollections. Taken together, they will form an interlinked network of stories contextualising and narrating the battle for a contemporary audience.

Below we have highlighted the icons that provide various navigation paths through Voyager. The first ‘tour’ also provides information on how to navigate the software. We suggest you expand Voyager to full screen by clicking on the fullscreen icon within the 3D viewer (see below). If you are unfamiliar with the battle, and want to begin with an overview, begin with the tour option.

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